Sunday, January 4, 2009

RNC Candidates debate

Tomorrow at 1 PM Americans for Tax Reform will host a debate between the candidates for RNC Chair.  You can watch it live online.  This is an important debate as it is the only debate, and will hopefully show differences between the candidates.  It is also important because some of the committee members, including Jeff Frederick--The RPV Chairman--, have not yet decided who to vote for.  

The chair is elected by the 168 Republican National Committee members and the election is slated to take place on January 28th.  The current list of candidates is incumbent Mike Duncan, Saul Anuzis, Ken Blackwell, Katon Dawson, Chip Saltsman, and Michael Steele.  Hopefully whoever is elected will work hard and successfully rebuild the party in time for the midterm elections.  We need a chairman who can raise money and create a strategy that engages and builds the grassroots while using new technology, and developing more useful technology.  

If you are interested in my thoughts on the race for RNC chair you can read an article I wrote earlier relating to the RNC Chair race.  Hopefully the committee members make a wise choice on behalf of the party.

What do you think about the race?  Please vote in my poll which will be up till the new chair is chosen, and comment and let everyone know who you support and why.

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Daniel Davies said...

I'm supporting Ken Blackwell unless someone can convince me otherwise. He seems to be solid on every issue set, won the Presidency for G.W. Bush with his organizational skills in 2004, and should be able to help with minority outreach.

Steele has too much history of trying to make the GOP more moderate.

Saltman showed his true colors with the CD incident- I don't see anything morally, ethically wrong with it, but it was politically stupid, not what we need from a GOP Chairman.

Anuzis has done real well with the MI GOP hasn't he? Can't even take over a state with the worst Democrat leadership in the country- no thanks.

Duncan, not a chance, we've been beaten two elections in a row now, time to kick him out.