Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brownlee's New List of Endorsement

Today seems to officially be AG Candidates Endorsement Announcement Day.  Earlier today Cuccinelli announced a couple more key endorsements, and then this afternoon Brownlee announced that "Almost every Republican leader in Virginia's Fightin' Ninth Congressional District has joined Team Brownlee and endorsed John to be our next Attorney General."  

The following is a list of Brownlee's supporters form the 9th Congressional District copied straight from the e-mail he sent out.

ALLEGHANY / COVINGTON: Loren Newman, Unit Chair
BLAND COUNTY: Jack Morgan, Unit Chair; Rebecca Johnson, Clerk of Court; Sheriff Jerry Thompson 
BRISTOL CITY: Joyce Kistner, Unit Chair
BUCHANAN COUNTY: Jerry Lester, Unit Chair; Tamara Neo, Commonwealth's Attorney

CARROLL COUNTY: Marion Alderman, former Unit Chair; Gregory Goad, Commonwealth's Attorney
CRAIG COUNTY: Don Bishop, Unit Chair
DICKENSON COUNTY: Randy Davis, Unit Chair
FLOYD COUNTY: Valencia Kurkek, Vice Unit Chair; Bob Smith, Vice Unit Chair
GALAX CITY: Mike Stevens, Unit Chair
GILES COUNTY: Mae Midkiff, Unit Chair
GRAYSON COUNTY: Delegate Bill Carrico
LEE COUNTY: Damie Carter, Unit Chair
MONTGOMERY COUNTY: Patty Manthe, Unit Chair
NORTON CITY: Carol Caruso, Unit Chair
PATRICK COUNTY: Beth Stanley, Unit Chair
PULASKI COUNTY: Jessee and Debbie Ring
RADFORD CITY: Sheriff Mark Armentrout, Unit Chair
RUSSELL COUNTY: Eugene Compton, Unit Chair
SCOTT COUNTY: John Kilgore, Unit Chair; Delegate Terry Kilgore
SMYTH COUNTY: Adam Tolbert, Unit Chair; Jeff Hutton, Vice Unit Chair
TAZEWELL COUNTY: Aaron Roberts, Unit Chair; T. Shea Cook, former Ninth CD Chair
WASHINGTON COUNTY: Gary Rose; Tricia Phipps Moore, Clerk of Court
WISE COUNTY: Ben Boggs, Unit Chair
WYTHE COUNTY: Gerald Mabe, Commonwealth's Attorney; Sam Crockett, County Treasurer
After reading the e-mail, certain snide comments like the fact that it takes more than one congressional district to win, Ken has a significant number of endorsements from all over the state, not just his home town, endorsements from South West Virginia are nice, but there aren't many delegate votes there, and atleast Ken could get the chair of his own local committee to endorse him.  While these thoughts popped into my head, I won't say them, or maybe Brownlee will release a nother list of endorsements that begins to rival Ken's endorsement list.

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