Friday, January 2, 2009

U.S. Military on High Alert?

So admittedly this is only a caller calling into a radio show, but it is definitely intriguing. 

In the last quarter before the 11:00 hour today, a caller called into the Glenn Beck program, and said he had insider information that the military was going on high alert in light of the new incoming president.  He also said it was a higher alert than normally done during transitions between administrations.  Again, I recognize this is basically just an unsubstantiated rumor based on the source, but it is still interesting.  We will see if other reports confirm this rumor.

If it is true, I pray the military is successful in protecting.  It is generally recognized that it takes an administration a couple months to transition in, and get everything running at the White House.  Not only do the terrorists understand this fact as they did in 2001, but Obama is perceived as a weak president.  His talks of reducing nuclear activities, and diplomacy must encourage the terrorists.  Hopefully the military is successful, and America is kept safe during this especially vulnerable year.

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Laura said...

I'm not surprised actually. I have heard a lot of assassination talk, partially because Obama is black, mostly because of his Robin Hood style tax plans. Since the president-elect has supposedly mollified/postponed some of his suggestions, hopefully this will be less of a problem.

Honestly, I'm not terribly happy that Obama is the President, but I don't think anyone else under him is going to be any better...