Thursday, February 25, 2010

Phone Bank for Kerry Bolognese

Dear Friend,

I have exciting news!

We now have the same capability for Remote Phone Banking that Scott Brown used successfully last month in Massachusetts.

If a Republican can win in Massachusetts with Remote Phone Banking, then we can definitely win with it in Fairfax County.

Go to and check it out now!

Please help Kerry Bolognese in the special election for District 41 by making 41 phone calls from your own home. All the data will be automatically saved and you don't have to write anything down.

After years of trailing the Democrats in technology, Republicans have finally caught up.

Simply go to and sign up. Once you sign up, log-in information will be sent to you via email - and you can call from the comfort of your home.

Kerry Bolognese ran for this same seat last year and only lost by 209 votes to an entrenched incumbent. Can you make 41 calls from home to help Kerry?

This special election on Tuesday, March 2nd will be all about turning out the Republican base. You making 41 phone calls will help put Kerry over the top in the 41st District this year.

Voters are tired of answering the phone to recorded messages. With only a few days left until the March 2nd special election, every personal phone call we make will have a huge impact.

Please go to right now and sign up.

Thank you,

Justin Shaffer
Field Director
Kerry Bolognese For Delegate


(703) 459-6522

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