Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iran Now a “Nuclear State”

Earlier this morning, an announcement was made that will forever change the course of history. We couldn't control the announcement, and we (under this administration) couldn't control the product, but what we can control is our reaction.

In front of tens of thousands in the Azadi Square, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that Iran is now a nuclear state. He further specified that Iran is now capable of "producing weapons-grade uranium" and "had produced its first batch of 20% enriched uranium, with the capability to enrich to far higher levels".

"That indicates to us," President Obama said after the announcement, "that despite their posturing that their nuclear power is only for civilian use, that they, in fact, continue to pursue a course that would lead to weaponization, and that is not acceptable to the international community, not just to the United States."

The President went on to say that the U.S. is preparing sanctions for Iran to "isolate them from the international community." Well Mr. President, I hate to tell you but 1) we've already tried sanctions, and they don't work and 2) this "isolation" is exactly what they WANT.

So while we sit in our overstuffed lounge chairs sipping coffee and discussing how to "put Iran in time out (so that they can plot their revenge in private)", freedom minded Iranians are being oppressed in more ways than we can fathom - internet freedoms being taken away, rigged elections, free speech ban... the list goes on... all being enforced by a "violent" security force.

The ball is in our court. Iran is waiting for our reaction. Will it be weak and ineffective (sanctions)? Or will we stand for our values and forcefully ensure that Iran is incapable of producing weapons of mass destruction? I hope the latter.

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