Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New County Taxes on the Way?

Virginia Senate Bill 280 has been passed by the Senate. If passed by the Virginia House of Delegates, it will allow county board of supervisors throughout Virginia to pass tax increases with a simple majority of the given board of supervisors. At present the board of supervisors in a Virginia county can only increase food and beverage tax by putting it to the citizens of that county in a referendum or in some counties by a unanimous vote of that county's board.

Here is a flyer with more details tailored to Botetourt County.

Thanks to Senator Smith for bringing this to my attention.

Here's a thought to keep in mind:

When we ask, "Should we raise taxes?" - we are asking the wrong question. When we ask, "Should we lower taxes?" - we are still asking the wrong question. If we were to ask, "How much should we lower taxes?" - then finally we would be asking the right question. Until we learn to think Constitutionally, we will not be able to ask the correct questions.

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