Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chuck Colgan Unlikely to Seek Relection

Breaking news: Senator Chuck Colgan, president pro tempor of the VA State Senate [also the longest serving senator in the state], is saying he mostlikely will not seek reelection in 2011. "I'll probably not run. I'm not Strom Thurmond."

Some are skeptical of this announcement, given that he has said he "will not seek reelection" twice in the past, only to be convinced otherwise by Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

If Colgan DOES retire, who would be the best candidate in the district to run for the seat other than rising star Jackson Miller, currently a VA delegate. Bob Fitzsimmonds has also expressed his eagerness in taking on this seat again, and with both Miller and Fitzsimmonds in the running, it should make for a very competitive primary. BVBL has a complete list of possible candidates on both sides of the isle.

With nothing for Colgan to lose, and no Democrat Governor to convince him to stay, it should prove to be an interesting race for the 29th district.

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