Thursday, February 25, 2010

Charlie Crist to Run as Independent? - Arlen Specter 2.0

Everyone knows Charlie Crist has two options: 1. lose embarrassingly to Marco Rubio in the primary, or 2. switch parties. RedState today posted an article predicting option 2, saying that the evidence points to the fact that Crist may be turning to the blue side, or becoming an independent. He was caught having a private meal with VP Biden in Miami, and has returned to "embracing the Obama stimulus fraud" - I'd say that's pretty conclusive evidence.

However, everyone also knows that before Crist switches, he's gonna smear Rubio like crazy. Well folks, the games have begun. Today it was discovered that Crist took Rubio's private credit card records from the Republican Party of Florida and leaked them to the press. Although Rubio has only used the cards to help get Republicans elected within the state, he also used them for several personal expenses. What Crist did NOT elude to in the leak, was that every single one of those personal expenses were reimbursed to the state by Rubio.

This is yet another example of how "Republicans", e.g. Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist, will do anything to get elected with little concern for their values and constituents. If Crist becomes an independent it will be concrete evidence that his Republican title was all for show.

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