Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Poor Tim Kaine

So right now Tim Kaine (VA's lousy governor) is doing an easy listening tour. He is going to select audiences around the state and trying to explain why he won't sign the transportation bill the general assembly finally passed. So right now he's finishing up speaking to a bunch of elementary students, democratic politicians, and the press. These are not town hall events. i.e. the audience can't ask questions. About seven republicans showed up to peaceably demonstrate, and no democrats came out to support the governor. Our ultra left state senator drove by us, and the minority leader and the governor drove by in a state trooper motorcade. The two of them just smiled but you could see a tad bit of worry in their eyes. Roanoke City is one of the few democrat strongholds in South West VA, and we figure the big wigs wer eall on their black berries wondering why they didn't have any supporters. At 3:30 the governor is supposed to be at UVA for a similar closed door event. Maybe he'll get a similar response. No support.

Boy, it was fun getting back into the political swing of things. Can't wait to move to Richmond and really get working as we work to solidify the majority in the General Assembly.

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