Monday, February 26, 2007

Amazing Grace Update

I lnow that y'all are probably sick of my posts on Amazing Grace now. Three posts in a row on the same news subject should be outlawed! Maybe not. Please bear with me tomorrow I will make a really important personal post which hopefully won't shock to many people.

A few quick coments:

Amazing grace was a very inspiring film. It is almost impossible to leave the theater without being remotivate to being a Christian IN the world... an active involved Christian trying to improve the culture for Christ. I strongly encourage everyone to go see it, and a big thanks to those who did.

The film played in a little over 700 theaters and made 4-5 million. At that rate, if it had actually been playing everywhere (3,000 theaters) it would have made over 16 mill. The Christian films should be put in more theaters, otherwise it is impossible to make a lot of money and reach a lot of people.

But, the fact that Amazing Grace is a low budget small release film is a good thing, maybe it will get an Oscar nomination next year.

Think Think

Duh it can't. It's not a leftist propaganda piece. If you don't believe that leftist propaganda pieces win in Hollywood over excellent films that make a lot of money, explain to me how Happy Feet got the Oscar for best animated film instead of Cars.

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