Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now I know what to say...

First of all a big thank you to for your advice.

Here goes...

Introvert/Extrovert: The unanimous consensus is that I'm an extrovert, and y'all are definitely right. I'm not the center of attention of a crowd like some I know, but sheesh if you campaign as much as I do you have to be an extrovert. Shortly after the whole "n" word story broke about George Allen, I was at a black heritage festival passing out lit for the senator, and debaters are definitely extroverts. If you're shy when you start debating, a lot of that will go away as you continue.

Pessimist/Optimist: I consider myself an optimistic realistic. Whenever I look at the future I see a very dire situation, but I am confident that the Christian youth in this country, led by God, will reclaim our land. Here is another example... Last fall I knew we were in for a difficult midterm election, everyone knew that, but at about 7 or 8 on election night I told evedyah that I was looking forward to the red wave that was about to sweep over the country. I see things for what they are, but I refuse to resign myself to an evil future so I call myself an optimistic realist.

Favorite color: I don't really have a favorite color, although I have favorite color combinations. Two of them would be blue and orange (mets.com) and blue and gold (generationjoshua.org)

Taste in music: Country, especially the patriotic country, a little classical, and some contemporary christian. I love Michael Card, and Steve Green. I also like Relient K, and two of Casting Crowns songs, "And if we are His Body" and "What if His People Prayed?" really are excellent.

Organized/disorganized: Let's leave it at this, I'm disorganized.

Passive/aggressive: I'm aggressive, not in a mean intimidating way (I hope), but I like to get things done. I'll let y'all know about something I did in a later post.

Fashion: I like to dress up when called for, but I love decdent casual. Nice jeans and a warm fleece are awesome in the winter. And a pair of shorts and a nice shirt fit me just fine in summer. Now the accusation was raised that I look nerdy on political campaigns. Why not if it helps you stay relaxed, and win?

Learning style: slow but steady wins the race. Right? Well... not quite I like to learn and I'm not to certain about the answer to this one, but I definitely enjoy learning in groups with thoughtful discussions.

Enjoy... Thanks for commenting, and I love my friends.

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