Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Amazing Grace

Before I actually talk about the movie, here's some of what I've been doing activist wise the past few weeks.

For the past nine months I have been following the movie "Amazing Grace" The more I have found out about it the more I have wanted to see it. All the trailers and clips are truly inspiring, and I have been anticipating the release for months. The two weeks ago the website had a list of all the theaters in which the film would be playing. To my complete dismay Roanoke (the biggest city in South West VA) was nowhere on the list. The closest place was Charlottesville VA (2 hrs. away). While I was more than willing to travel that far to see the film, I didn't want to have to. So I called the toll free number on the website, and they said if they got enough calls from the area they would put it on in Roanoke. I immediately called one of my friends, and we mobilized a bunch of our friends to contact their churches and call the toll free number with the number of interested people. That was a Thursday and I left for TeenPact on Monday. So my friends kept working hard and when I got back a petition was circulating and we were presuring our local christian radio station to help us out. Luckily that didn't need to come to fruition .

::Sorry for the Break I had to Get Off the Computer and Just Posted What I had so Far::

On Monday we learned that Amazing Grace would be playing in Roanoke. In just twelve days a group of eight boys (with the blessing of God) brought Amazing Grace to Roanoke. A little bit of organized activism can go a long way.

For a review of the film by someone who saw an advance screning, go here and read the February 9th post.
Forr some good articles on the move check out these links:

Be sure to go to this movie when it opens in select theaters on this weekend beginning friday, february 23.
if the movie makes a good box office showing that night, other theaters
will join in showing it. go to the website above, watch the trailer,
find your local showing and then buy tickets.

P.S. My friend is Stephen Williams. That's why he couldn't come to TeenPact.

P.P.S. I still need help with my P.S. from the previous article.

P.P.P.S. My friends and I don't want any thanks, just a big opening weekend. I'm hoping the film makes at least
$20mill. That would make it by far the highest grossing Christian film since Narnia.

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