Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rob Wittman for Congress

Since his election in 2007, Rob Wittman has quickly become a young conservative star in Virginia. On the important issues of our day, Wittman has been a voice for conservativism in congress. His greatest moment came in the summer of 2008 when President Bush and the Republican House Leadership was shoving the TARP bailout down our throats. Rob Wittman realized that for a Republican to vote for that legislation would be a betrayal of capitalism. He was willing to buck his party, and vote against it twice. Having the courage to do the right thing on the TARP vote should guarantee any congressman he doesn't have to face a primary challenge from a "Tea Party activist."

When Republicans passed TARP under President Bush they lost the ability to oppose President Obama's bank bailouts for any reason other than partisan politics. If you can support TARP, you can support Obama's bailouts. Thankfully Wittman understood this and made the principled stand. Hopefully 1st District voters will thank him for that by nominating him overwhelmingly tomorrow.

Sadly the Virginia who did the most to make TARP and by extension the Obama bailouts a reality is not the one, while a congressman who opposed both. Maybe in a later election cycle Tea Party activists will primary the right congressman.

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