Saturday, June 5, 2010

Super Tuesday Primary 2010 Preview

This Tuesday is being called Super Tuesday. Ten states are holding their primary , and Arkansas is holding its runoff on Tuesday. Before Tuesday let's take a look at the big races.


Will Bill Halter be able to pull off the third primary defeat of an incumbent senator of the year and defeat Blanche Lincoln, as both parties seem to want nothing to do with moderates?


Carly Fiorina is leading in the polls, but will low voter turnout enable Chuck Devore and conservative activists to win another Senate primary contest? We have a great opportunity to defeat Barbara Boxer. Let's nominate a conservative fighter to take her on.


Even if Chuck Devore doesn't win in CA it appears tea partiers will win a nomination contest Tuesday when Sharon Angle earns the right to take on Harry Reid in November. Unlike KY, the tea party candidate is not the gaffe machine in the race.


Sarah Palin endorsed Terry Branstad, but will Chuck Norris's endorsement of Bob Vander Plaats prove more valuable? Chuck helped beat the pundits in Iowa two years ago. Can he do it again?


South Carolina seem to be repulsed at one of the dirtiest smear attacks ever, let's see how big of a win Nikki Haley garners in SC.

If you live in California vote for Chuck Devore.
If you live in Nevada vote for Sharon Angle.
If you live in Iowa vote for Bob Vander Plaats.
If you live in South Carolina vote for Nikki Haley.

They are all proven conservatives who will fight for our principles, and they need our support on Tuesday.

(The VA House races are very important and as such deserve a longer post of their own. Don't worry I didn't forget about them.)

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