Monday, July 20, 2009

Party Leaders Listen to the Grassroots when Picking Chris Saxman's Replacement

Probably the most shocking piece of new over the weekend was Chris Saxman's decision to withdraw from the race in the 20th district for the House of Delegates. Members of the 20th legislative district committee met yesterday to pick Chris Saxman's replacement. While many people expected them to pick a replacement at the meeting, they instead chose to wait and listen to the voters.

GOP 20th District Legislative Committee Chairman Carl Tate, said, “We decided that we needed to open up the process, make it more transparent. Get input from the committee members, unit members, local party activists, the people who will be working precincts and walking neighborhoods for this candidate in September and October. They need to have a say in who their nominee will be.”

Thank you for choosing to involve the local activists on this crucial issue. It will be interesting to see who ends up getting selected.

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