Monday, July 13, 2009

Democrats Trying to Paint Cuccinelli as a Radical Conservative who Attempts to Confuse his Opponents

In a recent NBC 12 interview Ken Cuccinelli answered the charge that he is some radical right-winger. This is something he is regularly being accused of. As soon as Ken joined the ticket after the convention the ticket was called the "most divisive ticket" by the Democrat Party. While he was unafraid to identify himself as a social conservative, Ken reminded viewers that he is the leader in the senate on both mental health issues, and property rights issues. His ability to reach out and work with people is the reason he is able to serve as a state senator from Fairfax County. If he really were a radical wingnut it would be tough for him to win in Fairfax. Instead he has a "complete record" and seeks to find areas of agreement with all voters.

In the middle of the video (about 1:30) Ken makes the comment "If we can confuse them, we're happy to do that." Lowell Feld of Blue Virginia is trying to use this line as a "gotcha moment" with Ken. One other blogger even referring to this as a possible "macaca moment." They are trying to use this to say, "Ha, Ken is out pulling the wool over our eyes." However while you can pull a sentence out of context with any politician, this is not what Ken is saying. In the preceding sentence, Ken says, "There are a lot of issues I have been working on that just don't fall into their carricature of me." It is in this context that Ken makes the "controversial" statement. It is a matter of confusing people into thinking Ken is a radical right-winger. He is fine with letting people mischaracterize him. If they want to attack a straw man of him he is happy to let them remain confuses. He has a record to point to that is one of getting things done on issues important to all Virginians, and it is this record of getting things done that will lead him to victory in the fall.

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JTylerBallance said...

Ken IS from the far right; so what? We have elected folks from the far right before. However Virginia is changing because of the infiltration from Northern liberals and illegal aliens from Central and South America.

Ken's opponent, Steve Shannon, a thirty-six year-old man who is not married, is far more elusive in his positions. Shannon likes to talk about how he was a prosecutor so he will be, "tough on crime" while most Virginians want an Attorney General who will ensure justice is applied fairly, without prejudice or as a tool that serves some political agenda.

Neither candidate has pledged to restore government to its Constitutional limits, or to work to ENHANCE the liberty of our citizens, nor has either done anything to create jobs here in Virginia. Neither offers an attractive choice for those who would like a change from Virginia's status quo.

It would be helpful to see a side by side comparison of votes cast in the Assembly by these candidates.

Jason Kenney said...

J. Tyler - From what I understand, Steve Shannon is married, though whether he is or not should be moot in terms of running for office. And if you think Cuccinelli isn't a attractive choice then you aren't paying attention, sir.