Sunday, July 19, 2009

Creigh Deeds is Honored to have Joe Biden's Support

Over the weekend Joe Biden highlighted a fundraiser for Creigh Deeds. Before the event in a statement published on his website, Deeds said, "I'm glad he's coming back to Virginia tonight as Vice President and am so honored to have his support." Creigh Deeds has chosen to associate himself with Joe Biden and his policies, and has even made money off of that association. It is only fair to ask what it is Joe Biden believes.

Just like President Obama, Joe Biden believes there shouldn't be any coal plants in America. As a rural state senator, do you support eliminating coal plants from America, and watching those jobs dissapear from south west Virginia?

Not only does Biden (and presumably Creigh Deeds) believe we should eliminate the coal industry, but Biden also believes we should, "spend money to keep from going bankrupt." While some mocked trickle down economics, this idea is absurd. Every business and family knows that you don't increas spending to keep from going bankrupt. If after the 2009 elections Virginia is in as bad economic straits as California, is this the path Deeds will use to keep Virginia from going bankrupt?

Not only does Joe Biden believe increased spending keeps people from going bankrupt, he also admits to misreading the economy. We don't have to ask if Deeds will follow in Biden's foot steps on this front, because we know the answer to this one. Just like Barack Obama's running mate, Creigh Deeds' running mate (Jody Wagner) has misread the economy.

While Creigh Deeds may be honored to have Joe Biden's support, it is actually quite scary to imagine Joe Biden's beliefs being implemented in this commonwealth. It would destroy this economy. In Joe Biden's stirring endorsement of Creigh Deeds, he asked all the donors to, "Break your neck for this man." While I wouldn't normally consider breaking my neck for a candidate, it may be all their is left to break in this state after Joe Biden and Creigh Deeds have their way with commonwealth's economy.

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