Thursday, July 9, 2009

Does Creigh Deeds Care if his Constituents Lose Their Jobs?

One of the biggest debates going on in Washington D.C. right now is on the Cap and Trade bill. The House of Representatives recently passed this totalitarian bill, and now we are waiting on the senate to vote on it. Throughout this debate Bob McDonnell has voiced strong opposition to the job that will kill jobs, raise taxes, increase government control, and do nothing about the environment. Ever since the vote in the House of Representatives Republicans have been calling on Deeds to take a position on this bill. So far Creigh Deeds has taken no stance on the bill. Deeds' silence on this bill is even more curious because according to a recent RPV press release,
"One of the MeadWestvaco plants in his own Senate district stands to be directly affected by this bill. Many of the workers at the plant may lose their jobs because of the increased costs that will be imposed on the plant if the bill is passed in the Senate."
Assuming this statement is correct (we already know this bill will hit rural areas hardest) Deeds silence begs the question, does he care if his constituents lose their jobs? If he really cared about his constituents wouldn't he fight tooth and nail against this bill? Deeds refusal to oppose cap and trade tells Virginians he prefers partisan politics and standing with the national Democratic party over fighting for Virginians best interests. The Warner/Kaine administration was marked by partisanship. This is the tradition Creigh Deeds has pledged to follow, and sadly he is taking it to a new low by allowing Virginia to lose jobs in his support for partisan politics.

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