Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Senator Who Keeps a Couple Guns Under Her Bed...

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the new junior senator from New York, is now coming under criticism from gun control activists for keeping two rifles under her bed.  Liberals in New York criticized her selection as senator, because she was "too conservative."  
Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, a congresswoman who is planning on giving Senator Gillibrand a primary challenge in 2010 because Gillibrand is too conservative, was quoted on the issue as saying, "I hope the guns didn't have bullets in them."  Congresswoman, I hope your pen doesn't have any ink in it, and your car doesn't have any gas in it for that matter.  What good is a gun if there isn't any bullets in it?
Senator Gillibrand was a blue dog democrat who voted against the Bush stimulus package, and has a very high rating from the NRA.  I must say there is definitely something exciting thinking that a U.S. Senator believes in the second amendment and self defense enough to keep guns under her bed.  The sad thing though, is that this is being used against her.  If she were a republican from the Texas instead of a Democrat from New York this might guarantee her reelection instead of giving a primary challenger ammunition against her.  

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