Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Amazing Poll Numbers for McDonnell

Today Rasmussen released a new likely voters poll for the Virginia Gubernatorial race.  In the last Rasmussen poll on this race, Bob McDonnell lead Terry McAuliffe by 5%, was tied with Creigh Deeds, and was behind Brian Moran by 4%.

Now McDonnell leads all three candidates: Creigh Deeds by 9%, Terry McAuliffe by 7%, and Brian Moran by 3%.  Also McDonnell has the highest favorables, 50%, and the lowest negative, 18%, of either of the 4 candidates in the race.  

These are very good numbers for McDonnell, he is already leading, already has high favorables, and his opponents will probably have a bloody primary over the next few months.

The irony in this poll is who Rasmussen says is declining in the polls.
McDonnell’s and Moran’s numbers are largely unchanged from the earlier survey, while both Deeds’ and McAuliffe’s have deteriorated slightly.
Many believed Moran would be on the decline with the near win of Joe Murray, and the entrance of Terry McAuliffe into the race.

As the poll says though...
The race is likely to become clearer after the three men address the state Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner Saturday in Richmond.

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