Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Choose Life Licencse Plates Pass the Senate

One of Senator Cuccinelli's main legislative priorities this session was to create a Choose Life license plate.  This plate would both allow people to show their support for the pro-life cause on their vehicles, and fund pregnancy resource centers around the commonwealth.  In preparation for this legislative push, Ken collected signatures in support of the bill, and more than enough preregistrations for the license plates.  

The bill, SB 801, died in committee on a 6-6-2 vote.  However Sen. Cuccinelli did not give up when his bill died in committee.  Victoria Cobb of the Family Foundation put it best when she said, "Never one to surrender easily, today he successfully amended SB 817 to include his Choose Life plate."  Yesterday, on a vote of 20-19, the amendment was approved, and the Choose Life plates are on their way to the House of Delegates where they will more than likely be approved.

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