Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jeannemarie Davis Running for Governor?

Now begins the analysis of figuring out the implications of Bolling announcing he wouldn't run for the nomination for Governor of VA.  One thing I began pondering was what would Bolling's supporters do?  Do they sit out? Get behind someone for LG or AG? Something else? Interestingly as I talked to multiple people a fascinating rumor emerged.  Numerous people were talking about Jeanemarie Davis running for Governor.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  There are a number of people who can't stand Cuccinelli, and think he is too extreme for the party.  For them Jeannemarie is an experienced person with a more moderate record.  They think she may be reconsidering running in a crowded Lieutenant Governor field.  When I contacted Davis's campaign they refused to deny the rumors.  Bolling's withdrawal has definitely shaken up the race, and it will be interesting to see if anything else changes as a result.

For my part I am excited Cuccinelli is the nominee, and look forward to seeing him passionately advocate first principles in his bid for governor.

UPDATE:While the original statement from the Davis campaign was rather noncommittal, a response after this post was unequivocal that Davis was not thinking about switching races. We'll see what happens.  As Bolling has shown us, things sure can change in politics.  There are a number of Republicans out there who don't want Ken to get the nomination.  Some of them want Davis to run for Governor..  We'll see what happens.

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bamamarquettefan1 said...

Tens of thousands of Virginia Republicans received an email from Jeannemarie Davis on how we needed the grassroots to help make Ken Cuccinelli the next Governor. This happened the afternoon before you posted this story. She is running for LG, and everyone on our campaign and around the Commonwealth knows it.