Friday, October 19, 2012

When will Obama be Outraged by the Assasination of Ambassador Stevens?

Shortly after the attack on Benghazi, I wrote an article detailing the contrast in leadership the tragedy displayed.  Tragically the following month has shown us much more.  In the politicization, we have missed the biggest story in this strategy.  While the possible cover up is quite a story, it is not the biggest.  While the Libya debate controversy is a fun attempt at a gotcha moment, it is not the biggest story either.


The biggest story is that ambassador Stevens has been dead for over a month and the President has done nothing in response besides talk.  Over a month has gone by since the tragedy, and while the administration repeatedly says that "justice will be done" the inaction is deafening on this subject.  Historically, assassinating an ambassador has been known as an "act of war."  Combined with embassies being breached and our flag replaced, it should be easily recognized as such.  Instead of recognizing it as such, Obama has done nothing to respond.  Instead of making the terrorists infamous he has made a movie infamous.  In so doing he has seemingly done nothing to avenge Ambassador Chris Stephen's death.

This callous indifference is further reflected in the president's inability to show outrage when talking about the attack.  Earlier he described it as merely a "bump in the road."  Last night his indifference was even worse.  On Jon Stewart he said, "If four Americans get killed, it's not optimal."  Was it a comedy show? Yes.  But Mr. President, how can you answer a whole interview without expressing any outrage about the attack?  What else isn't optimal?  Is the unemployment rate just not optimal?  Are the rising gas prices not optimal? Is the growing debt not optimal?  Are all the great issues of the day simply inconveniences, or are they things that you will work hard to fix?  If the death of an ambassador does not create urgency and outrage in this president, tragically nothing will.  If he won't do anything to avenge the death of Chris Stevens, can we trust him to do anything about the other issues facing this country?

Bill Clinton at least shot missiles at empty tents in respond to terror attacks.  Barack Obama should take a cue, and if he doesn't care about the death do something to show that America will respond. Mr. President to something to tell the world that American will not sit by while her ambassadors are assassinated.

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