Friday, October 26, 2012

VA Women, Don't Let Obama and Kaine Reduce you to Birth Control Voters

Throughout this election cycle, Barack Obama and his friend Tim Kaine have made it clear that women only care about birth control. Tim Kaine is running a series of ads entitled Virginia featuring different women upset that George Allen will reduce their access to birth control.

Barack Obama made headlines releasing an ad for women, reminiscent of one by Vladimir Putin, which compares voting for Obama to a woman losing her virginity.

Adding insult to injury, the President's campaign memorably encouraged women to "Vote like your ladyparts depend on it. Because they kinda do."

These are only the highlights of the ongoing Democrat effort this election cycle to define women purely by their ability and desire to have sex.  If you believe it is wrong to stereotype women as people whose primary desires are free birth control and unrestricted abortions, then you should speak out this election cycle. If issues like the economy, unemployment, and the national debt matter to you, then tell Barack Obama and Tim Kaine this election.  Don't let them distract you from their failed record on this issue.  If you are a woman who believes in the sanctity of life and that people who have religious objections to birth control shouldn't be forced to pay for it, Obama's stance on these issues gives you even more reason to make your voice heard this election.  Make sure Obama and Kaine realize that not all women are the same, and tell them to stop insulting women. Watch this entertaining TV ad.  Let's stand together for our future.

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