Saturday, October 27, 2012

Support Orphans in Need

Many criticize Americans who think they are supporting a cause or important movement simply by sharing something online.  This lead to the coining of the word slacktivism.  However, here is an opportunity to tangibly help orphans in need with one click of the mouse.  Reece's Rainbw helps families adopt orphans who have Down Syndrome or HIV.  It is one thing to advocate for pro-family policies, but another thing to tangibly help people in need.  Reece's Rainbow is competing against a number of other charities for a $50,000.00 grant, and are currently in second place. 

Please take a couple seconds and vote for this organization.  Vote every day for the next week if you can as well.  You can check out this blog for more information about Reece's Rainbow and the contest.

This organization is of particular importance to me right now because my parents recently decided to adopt two children through them.  As my siblings and I have gotten older and are almost all out of the house, their lifelong efforts to help others in need has lead them to adopt two new young children, Tim (age 13) and Ana (10) through Reece's Rainbow.  Be sure to check out their adoption blog for more information.  If you are lead to donate, even $10.00, that would be immensely appreciated.  You can also check out and spread the word about fundraisers like the following.    

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