Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tim Pawlenty: Not a "Fake Christian"

A powerful testimonial about Tim Pawlenty's faith was recently published. It was written by someone who used to go to church with T-Paw, but left the church when he became an atheist. He doesn't have a personal or political interest in building up Tim Pawlenty, but just wanted to relay to a friend his observations. The heart of the message stated,
"In my life, I’ve seen many –far too many– politicians who court the church when they thought it would do their career a favor, but disappear when they achieved the present goal. I can tell you, from personal experience, Governor Pawlenty is not like that... Again: I think all religion is nothing but a shameful way to control people. And I also think the GOP is destroying America. But I want you to know that the one thing people can’t say about Tim Pawlenty is that he’s a fake Christian. Thought you might be interested in an insider’s perspective."
In a day of fake Christians, every Christian should want their atheist friends to look at them and say this person is not a fake. This is even more true of politicians. If Tim Pawlenty can communicate a genuineness about his convictions and beliefs, he may do very well in Iowa and eventually the entire nominating process.

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