Saturday, May 28, 2011

Americans Generally Want Abortion Made Illegal

Gallup released its annual polling on America's views on abortion. While Americans have opposed abortion since the polling began in 1994, this year's level of opposition was higher than it had been for quite a few years. 61% of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances, while only 37% believe it should be permitted in most or any circumstance. This is a substantial improvement from last year's 56%-39% spread. 51% of Americans believe abortion is morally wrong while only 39% believe it is morally acceptable.

For all the accusations that abortion is a losing Republicans, the polls continue to show the opposite. Republicans need to stay true to their pro-life convictions. We need a presidential candidate who is willing to fight for the unborn. In most districts and states, Republicans should also be very willing to espouse and fight for the cause of the unborn. It is morally right and politically viable to be a pro-life politician. Politicians have no excuse not to fight for the unborn.


Lloyd the Idiot said...

Interesting spin on that poll, particularly given that more Americans consider themselves pro-choice.

VASocialConservative said...

I think Americans have become wary of the connotations associated with some of the labels, however when you ask them about how they feel on a position or issue, they don't have to associate themselves with the label. Pro-lifers who advance the issue without demonizing the other side, or just rapping themselves in labels can do every well.