Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Robert Sarvis and the Importance of a 40 Seat Plan

Recently I was informed of a new state senate campaign. Robert Sarvis is running for state senate in the 35th district against Dick Saslaw. While there is not a lot of detailed information regarding issues on his website, he seems to have a solid resume. While it is definitely a long shot to unseat Dick Saslaw, we need to be fielding solid candidates in all 40 districts this year. The more districts we contest, the more we have the possibility of winning. We picked up 6 seats in the House of Delegates in 2009 by contesting almost every seat. Winning back the state senate will be much easier this cycle if we give every Democrat a challenge. For the safe ones like Dick Saslaw it will force them to spend money in their own district, and keep them from using their time and resources to help others. There may also be some surprises as the rising wave sweeps supposedly safe Democrats out of office. While his chances may be long, Robert Sarvis deserves our appreciation for being willing to challenge Dick Saslaw.

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Robert said...

Thanks for noticing and commenting on my campaign. I agree with you about fielding candidates in every district and every race. Please continue to follow my campaign; I will be posting some events soon and will continue to update the Issues page with further statements.