Monday, December 6, 2010

Trixie Averill Supports Undermining the Republican Party

This past year Rick Boyer was the Republican Nominee for Clerk of the Court in Campbell Co. Article 7 Section C of the State Party Plan makes it clear that party officials who oppose a Republican nominee shall be deemed to have resigned their position.
"Therefore, a member of an Official Committee is deemed to have resigned his Committee position if he (a) makes a reportable contribution to and/or (b) allows his name to be publicly used by and/or (c) makes a written or other public statement in support of a candidate in opposition to a Republican nominee in a Virginia General or Special Election."
On October 18th, the Treasurer of Virginia's 6th District Republican Committee, Dexter Gaines, sent out an e-mail calling on voters in Campbell Co. to support an independent candidate for the position.


Below is a good article on the Clerk of Court for Campbell County. If you live in Campbell I would ask that you support Shelia Bosiger. I have met her and feel she is the best person for the job. As you know I am a Republican. Not ashamed of it but this is one time I can't support the nominee.

Please forward to everyone you know in Campbell and encourage them to vote for Shelia.



(I linked to the article instead of posting it all here.)

As a result of Dexter's work, and the work of other Republicans, Rick Boyer lost to the independent candidate Dexter encouraged people to vote for. One would think that campaigning against a Republican nominee would result in punishment for a Republican Party official. In Trixie Averill's 6th District Committee, the opposite happens. Trixie Averill had the power to remove him as treasurer in accordance with the party plan. Instead she gave Dexter the volunteer of the year award for the district. While members of the committee tried to have Dexter removed from the committee for opposing a party nominee, Trixie Averill made sure Dexter was not punished.

If you call yourself a Republican, you can not oppose a party nominee. If you disagree with them either hold your nose and support them, or sit on the sidelines. Openly opposing a party nominee simply because you disagree with them undermines the party. This is what Dexter Gaines did. This is the action Chairman Trixie Averill supported.


lee said...

My name is Lee Carter and back in June I attempted to run for the Treasurer's position in the 6th District Committee against Dexter. I was kept off the ballot by Trixie. The events surrounding this event might be of interest to you because they further expose the shenanigans of Trixie Averil.

lee said...

Back in June I ran for the 6th District Committee Treasurer's position against Dexter Gaines. However I was not allowed on the ballot because of the chicanery of Trixie who used whatever means possible to keep my off the ballot. I was then nominated from the floor the day of the vote but Trixie blocked the nomination. I'd love to share this whole story if you are interested.


virginiaconservative said...

Thanks for the article.

Just wanted to add a bit of clarification. Ordinary people can consider themselves Republicans and oppose the Republican nominee. On the other hand, party officials should be held to a differing standard.

SWVA Activist said...

virginiaconservative, that was the intent of the post. Which is why I cited the specific part of the party plan, and I think I said that at the beginning. I was vague on that point in the last paragraph, so thank you for the clarification.