Friday, December 31, 2010

Bob Marshall's Case to Ban Gays from the VA National Guard

Shortly after the U.S. Senate voted to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell, Bob Marshall said he would introduce a bill blocking gays from serving in the VA National Guard. This quickly lead to criticism from people on both sides of the political spectrum as people argued Virginia did not have the constitutional authority to make that decision. Bob Marshall has stood firm in his decision, and recently explained how the states have the constitutional authority to determine who joins the ranks of its national guard.

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story noted in his Commentaries on the Constitution: "Thepower over the militia ... was limited, and concurrent with that of the States. The right of governing them was confined to the single case of their being in the actual service of the United States ... . It was then, and only then, that they could be subjected by the general government to martial law ... . The power to discipline and train the militia, except when in the actual service of the United States, was also vested exclusively in the States; and under such circumstances was secure against any serious abuses."

In Virginia, the National Guard denies applicants who have more than five traffic tickets or if they use drugs. States can impose tougher standards than Congress. Will state legislators and congressional Republicans listen to the troops and their constituents?

While I can not support the legislation until there is a written version, something needs to be done about the relentless push to make Americans unquestionably accept as normal, and embrace a lifestyle that is morally repugnant. While people may argue allowing gay people in the military is no big deal, it is one battle in the assault on traditional marriage and families. If we keep surrendering the battles, we will lose the war.

To quote Tom Seeman a long time member of the LCRC, and Precinct Operations Chair in 2009.
Likewise, the debate about gays in the military is about a lot of things, but military readiness isn’t one of them. Progressives couldn’t care less about either military readiness or the institution of marriage. What they want is to force the acceptance of the gay lifestyle on society. They want it taught in the schools, they want it instituted in law, and most of all they want to silence all debate on the issue.

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