Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Radtke: Marco Rubio or Christine O'Donnell

Jamie Radtke's senate campaign kicked off with an interview on FOX News. The reporter began by asking, "Will Jamie Radtke be the next Marco Rubio or Christine O'Donnell?"

It is interesting to think of what kind of Tea Party senate candidate she may be like. Rubio being one of the most inspiring, and O'Donnell being one of the more embarrassing. She is someone without a legislative record, or a record of fighting for things when the heat was on, and a decade experience as a political consultant to different degrees. When you look at her bio, at first glance it seems more like the unqualified, unvetted O'Donnell than the experienced proven record of Marco Rubio. Hopefully I am wrong in this comparison, but after some of the Tea Party candidates that were nominated last cycle we need to be cautious about the ones we nominate in the years to come.

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