Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update About my Blog

This post is just so noone gets to confused when they see all these post from before November of 2008 on my blog. Since I am going to be blogging on blogspot from now on as opposed to xanga, I am in the process of moving all my political and cultural xanga posts over to blogspt. So far I have moved over all my posts from 2007. It's been fun goign back through my old posts, remembering highschool, and different fun opportunities I had then. I also remember I had a personal policy that I would make a nother update once I had 5 comments on my previous post unless something else really needed to be posted. Yeah... That probably wouldn't work too well here.

Anyway... Just a quick explanation. I hope y'all enjoy reading them.

Also, these are just straight copy and pastes. I didn't fix many grammar, formatting, or linking problems so I hope you take that in mind if you go back and read any of them.

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