Saturday, December 6, 2008

Republican Advance Straw Poll Results: Cuccinelli Wins

According to Hampton Roads GOP, Ken Cuccinelli won the Republican Advance Attorney General straw poll.

***This is a exclusive*** Cuccinelli wins the RPV Advance Strawpoll. The results are as follows: Cuccinelli, 47% Brownlee, 38% Foster, 15%.
This is now the second major grassroots victory by the Cuccinelli campaign in a week.

This was also a major victory because the deck was set against Cuccinelli in the straw poll. In the 2007 Republican Advance straw poll, Ron Paul traveled en masse to the Republican Advance to make sure Ron Paul won the poll, and they were successful.

This year John Brownlee tried to win the straw poll by bussing people in to the Advance, and paying for peoples admission to the event. In his live blog of the AG debate earlier today, Shaun Kenney estimated that John Bownlee had bussed in 200 people, and that roughly another 300 people were at the advance.

If Shaun's ballpark estimates are roughly accurate this makes Cuccinelli's victory even more impressive. Brownllee bussed in 2/5ths of the Advance attendees and received roughly 2/5ths of the vote in the straw poll. Assuming the people Brownlee bussed in voted for Brownlee, this means Brownlee had very little support among people who went to the Advance with an open mind on the race.

No matter what trying to buy a strawpoll and failing has to be an embarrasment for any campaign.

Cuccinelli had now won the two biggest tests of grassroots strength in this AG nomination contest. This bodes very well for him heading into the delegate elections starting up in January.

::UPDATE:: For final results from bloggers who were at the advance, check out Jason Kenney, and SWAC Girl.

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