Saturday, December 6, 2008

Special Elections Round II

Tonight Louisiana residents will go to the polls (again) for the final vote on who will represent Louisiana's 4th congressional district.

The race is between Republican John Fleming (who has a really amazing website btw), and Democrat Paul Carmouche. Sean Oxendine makes the case on The Next Right that this race is an even more important bell weather than the Saxby Chambliss senate race as it is comparable to the string of special elections the GOP lost last spring. Most polls have this race in a dead heat, and while this race is not getting the national attention the Saxby Chambliss senate race recieved, Generation Joshua does have a team of young homeschoolers working on the race. We'll see what happens, and I will post tonight to let y'all know what happens.

Hopefully the GOP can keep winning these special elections.


Another race to watch tonight is Louisiana's 2nd congressional district. This race is between Republican Joseph Cao, and incumbent congressman William Jefferson. In the general election in November, there was a lot of talk about possibly defeating John Murtha. It appears that tonight there is a chance to defeat William Jefferson.

This is not a bell weather race by any means as it is a solidly Democratic congressional district, defeating William Jefferson would be amazing. It would show that Republicans can win in solidly Democrat congressional districts, and it would demonstrate once again that the people of Louisiana will not tolerate corruption.

Check back in tonight for election results.

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