Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jeff Frederick is still my Chairman

Any time a party loses an election plenty of finger pointing goes on. Within the GOP the most popular fingerpointing game is for the liberals and the establishment in the party to blame the social conservatives and grassroots for the loss. On the national level we have seen this with the ridiculous attacks on Sarah Palin.

On the state level conservatives are witnessing a similar attack as one of Tom Davis' surrogates is pushing for Jeff Frederick to be removed as RPV Chairman. For a fairly comprehensive summary of this discussion, you can take a look at the e-mail that started it all, and then check out this analysis/summary.

Jeff Frederick is a young energetic articulate principled conservative. When he was elected to the House fo Delegates, he was the youngest delegate since Thomas Jefferson. He has been a constant target of the Warner/Kaine machines, but has won on the outskirts of NOVA. While he has not been a perfect chairman, he has been blunt at times about the problems, and stuck to his principles. At the very least he has updated the RPV in a very visible way by giving it a much better website (as opposed to this). I respect admire and trust Jeff Frederick, and I believe he is the man to guide us to success in 2009. I was proud to beable to vote for Jeff Frederick for party chair at the last state convention, and I will continue to support him in any way I can.

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