Friday, November 13, 2009

Patricia Phillips Endorses Steve Hunt for State Senate

Now that Ken Cuccinelli is the Attorney General Elect of Virginia, there is a special election for the 37th state senate seat coming up. At this point we don't know the date of the election, but it will probably be soon.

Right now we have three Republicans running to replace Ken Cuccinelli: Marianne Horinko, Will Nance, and Steve Hunt.

All the buzz I have been hearing has been about Steve Hunt. He has a very thorough and bipartisan list of endorsements.

Patricia Phillips (former Republican nominee for the 33rd senate district) recently endorsed Steve Hunt in this video.

Steve Hunt also gave a very stirring and inspiring kick off speech.

This is not an endorsement as I have not had a chance to look into all the candidates yet, but with his experience winning in Fairfax Co., and commitment to conservative principles he sure seems like someone to look into as we try to find Ken Cuccinelli's replacement.

It looks like whoever wins the Republican nomination will have a very good chance of winning the special election. The results from the Pat Herrity race were pointing that direction in February. The Democrats seem to be unable to find a candidate to support inside the 37th district, and the person they do have (Del. Marsden) will probably get "Shannonized".

This special election is very important. If you have the time please get involved, and definitely make sure any friends you have vote as we keep the momentum moving to 2010 and beyond.

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