Thursday, January 6, 2011

Most Important Goal for 2011

Recently, a lot of the political discussion in Virginia has focussed on the 2012 Senate race. While this is an important race, it can not be the focus of Virginia conservatives this year. We have to be focussed like a laser on putting a conservative majority in the state senate. The state senate is the one body with a general election this year that the Democrats still control. If we are going to bring conservative reform to this state, we need to take the Democrats out of power in the state senate. However, as the Republicans showed the last time they controlled the state senate, just having a Republican majority is not enough. It has to be a conservative majority. We need enough conservative senators to elect a conservative majority, block tax increases from passing through that chamber, and enough votes to pass true reform legislation.

This year we will be endorsing state senate candidates who are committed to opposing all tax increases, and put a pro-life majority leader in charge of the state senate who will put a pro-life chairman in charge of the Health and Education Committee. If you know of incumbent state senators, or candidates for state senate who meet those criterion, please comment and let the blog know about them so we can promote them this year.

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