Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marshall Endorses Goad for 6th District Chair

Can you take four to five minutes from your busy day to think about a decision that will have effects on you, your family and Virginia for years to come?
I am talking about the Sixth District Republican Convention race where you and other fellow conservatives will set a course for our Virginia Republican Party.
The decision is yours to make, not mine, although I do have a preference for the Sixth District.

I would just like to first share with you the benefit of my experience of my more than 32 years in Republican politics, 19 years as an elected official, and 6 years as a Congressional staff aide.

Clearly, the most successful American politician of the last part of the 20th Century was President Ronald Reagan. He called himself a conservative, and did not apologize. He ran as a Republican. He said he was 100% pro life because it was a moral issue. He opposed high taxes because he thought it weakened American families. He called the Soviet Union the Evil Empire because it was. He would not compromise any moral principle for political gain. He won the presidency twice after serving as Governor of California.

In 1975 Ronald Reagan criticized the spending policies of Republican President Gerald Ford for adopting the deficit spending and debt increasing habits of the Democratic controlled Congress. Sad to say, the current crop of debt-loving liberal Democrats in Congress can point to the debt increases approved by congressional Republicans who voted to grow the debt on our children when George Bush was president. Unfortunately, the record shows the Democrat critics are correct!
If we depart from our own principles “just a little bit,” we are not in a good position to criticize Democrats when they do it with gusto.

By voting for Danny Goad for Sixth Republican Chair on May 22 at 10:00AM in Lynchburg at the Towns Alumni Center, Liberty University, we can bring back that successful Reagan formula of combining conservative social and economic principles to win elections.

Danny Goad, father of six, is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA. Danny has been involved in conservative Republican efforts and elections for 18 years. He has been vice-chairman or chairman of three local Republican units. If ever our nation needed principled individuals willing to lead it is now. Danny Goad is a committed conservative and is willing to serve as Sixth District Republican Chair.
Ronald Reagan did not win victories in Virginia and across America by himself. He had the support of a Republican Political Party structure, people like you and me, who were largely conservative.

We, you and I together, can do that again for Virginia with a vote for conservative Republican Danny Goad on May 22.

Thank you for all you do to preserve our Republic and our Liberties. If you have any questions, call me on my cell phone at 703-853-4213.


Delegate Bob Marshall, R - 13th District of Virginia

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