Monday, October 5, 2009

Blue Commonwealth: Exposing Rust's Support for Health Insurance and Blogging While Stupid

Blogger DanielK over at Blue Commonwealth showed a stunning lack of understanding regarding the committee and lawmaking process in Richmond last week in a post attacking Delegate Tom Rust (R-86).

DanielK attempts to rehash and reuse the argument that Tom Rust doesn't care about children dealing with autism, even though that politically-expedient dishonesty has already been debunked here.

DanielK blasts Rust for doing nothing to support this particular piece of autism-related legislation in committee--but Rust is not a member of the subcommittee the bill was assigned to (Subcommittee #1 of the Commerce and Labor Committee), which is shown below in the legislative record.

Rust is actually a member of Subcommittee #2 of Commerce and Labor, not of Subcommittee #1, as his delegate profile states and this screenshot demonstrates:

Rust did appear before Subcommittee #1 that day, but it was because his own, different bill--the point of which was to expand insurance coverage in Virginia--was next on the agenda:

So, DanielK, please: next time you attempt to write about things which you obviously need to do a little bit of research on before spouting partisan attacks, remember this incident, when you unknowingly provided us with a chance to highlight Tom Rust's support for expanding insurance, not limiting it, which you claim he wants to do.

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