Friday, August 28, 2009

Political Connections, and What they Mean

It seems this year more attention is being paid by the Democrat Candidates in Virginia to their opponents connections, than stances on the issues. Steve Shannon has attacked Ken Cuccinelli for his connections to the Tea Party movement, as well as his connection to Phil Hamilton. Creigh Deeds used his first TV Add to bring up the spectre of George Bush as he tries to gain ground against Bob McDonnell. In the spirit of ducking the issues both candidates refuse to debate their opponents, and Steve Shannon called Ken Cuccinelli's call for a special session (which ended up being successful) a "political stunt". While political connections are interesting they are most useful when they enlighten us on where the candidates stand on the issues.

Recently some pictures were taken that of a Deeds connection that illustrates his position on a critical issue.

(A "Deeds for Governor" sign at an abortion clinic in Richmond)

(Another picture of the sign)

Why does this matter? This medical facility, A Capital Women's Health Clinic, is exclusively an abortion provider. Unlike Planned Parenthood, they don't try to cover themselves by offering other health services. Among the "services" this abortion clinic provides are abortions for babies 14 weeks old or younger, as well as abortions by pill.

In the description of the "Abortion Up to 14 Weeks" the clinic's website says, "This five minute outpatient procedure involves the insertion of a small suction tube into the cervix to remove the contents of the uterus." Are infants no longer even fetuses, but simply contents to be suctioned like the junk in your mouth during a dental visit?

In the description of the "Abortion by Pill" the clinics website says, "This procedure is 92 to 95% effective and the patient must be willing to undergo the surgical abortion process if the pill fails." You mean if your child survives one attempt to kill it you need to commit to trying a second time. What persistence...

It is no surprise that Creigh Deeds is suppported by such a radical abortion group. While he tries to portray himself as a moderate, he has a record that is anything but moderate. He has a record of standing against the right for life at every opportunity, and even recently sided with the founders of the pro-choice movement in saying that abortions are for the "poor and desperate". It is no surprise a man who seems to think abortions should be used to reduce the number of poor people is supported by people who run an abortion clinic.


reston libertarian said...

I read your post, and was concerned this might be staged, but according to this link the sign is deliberate, and Deeds is trying to distance himself from the clinic causing dissent amongst activist democrats.

It's nice to see dems fall prey to infighting from time to time.

john said...

republinut conservative = cheney ,bush bankrupt everyone , domestic terrorist unless you follow there right wing crack pot beliefs,,barrow 2 trillion from china then steal it through "fake" increases in oil prices, let in every single illegal worker as possible, but finger "liberals" for the problem. reduce wages to nothing while gas stations and chain stores open everywhere. LIER,THEIF,ADULTERER, = republinut conservative