Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bill Stanley Announces his Bid for RPV Chairman

Now that Jeff Frederick has decided not to run and the convention is only two weeks away, we now have a contest for RPV Chairman. Here is the e-mail Bill Stanley sent out announcing his candidacy.

Dear William J,

Since its founding 155 years ago, the Republican Party has amassed an impressive record of accomplishment. Republicans are bound together not by self-interest or convenience, but by the conservative principles and traditional values that have made America the greatest nation in world history. Throughout our party's history, those core beliefs have always been driven and guided by our rank-and-file, the volunteers, activists and members who comprise our grassroots.

Recent electoral setbacks have caused some to question our party's ability to succeed in the future. Disappointment has wrought doubt, and doubt has led to finger-pointing. Some have suggested that the core beliefs that underpin our party have become outmoded and obsolete. Others appear to suggest we adopt in part the tenets of the other party. But, those who would trade principle for political success damage the public's faith in representative democracy and undermine the Republican Party.

Because Republicans love America, we must not abandon or discount the core beliefs that are essential to the future success and prosperity of our nation. Conservative principles that require an adherence to fiscal responsibility and limited government will never be outmoded. Traditional values that respect the foundations of Western Civilization and faith in God will never be obsolete.

If Republicans are going to win elections, we must have the confidence of our convictions and a willingness to promote them at every level of government. And, we cannot abandon those convictions simply because they are unfashionable among those who enjoy an elite status in American society.

People do not hold conservative principles and believe in traditional values because they are fashionable. They adhere to their core convictions because they are proven, having served mankind well for thousands of years and being a way of life for a majority of our countrymen.

Now, our party is facing a challenging electoral environment. Republicans can only return to majority status by connecting our beliefs to the way people live their own lives, insisting that government reflect the values of those it is entrusted to serve.

The Republican Party of Virginia can only succeed if it wholeheartedly embraces the core beliefs of its volunteers, activists and members. Those who comprise our grassroots are proud of their beliefs, confident in their convictions, and unafraid of the future. They deserve a party that reflects and represents them, promoting their principles and values to the entire Commonwealth.

To advance these core convictions and to return control of our party to its grassroots, I am announcing today my candidacy for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.
As Chairman, I offer you, our party faithful, energy, experience, and leadership. It is your party. I will be your chairman.

Our party must be driven and guided from the grassroots up and not the top down. While we must give all those who work on our party's behalf their due, the Republican Party must not permit the judgment of the few to instruct or override the will of the many. The position of Chairman must be elected, not anointed.

The task ahead will not be easy. It will require a Chairman with a fresh perspective, one untainted by past battles, biases or affiliations. It will also require that Chairman be fully prepared for and able to fulfill the obligations of the enormous job ahead.

Although our ideas and principles offer a better future for our nation and our commonwealth, our opponents have surpassed us in applying modern technology and marketing techniques to gain an advantage. As a member of the generation that has developed and embraced this technology, I will ensure the Republican Party of Virginia marshals the tools that are now essential for victory.

My agenda is simple and straightforward, focusing on the fundamentals of grassroots party building. It puts the Republican Party of Virginia firmly in the hands of you, our volunteers, activists, and members, which is the only way to grow the Party and ensure that our nominees - from local office all the way to statewide candidates - win elections.

As Chairman, I pledge that:

· RPV will serve and answer to the Party's activist and volunteer base.

· RPV will provide the grassroots organizational structure necessary to help elect its nominees to office at every level of government.

· RPV will never be conformed to the image of any single candidate, campaign, or elected public official. Candidates, campaigns, and elected public officials come and go, but the Party has a responsibility to endure, reflecting the values and principles of its activist and volunteer base.

· RPV will ensure that Republican nomination contests are fair, open and properly conducted. RPV will never take sides or demonstrate a preference in any party nomination contests.

· RPV will reflect the values and principles of its conservative base, and will never shrink from, apologize for, discount, or diminish their positions on any given issue.

· RPV will focus its efforts on training our activists and volunteers at the Unit level, building the structure that will both foster and elect conservative candidates.

· RPV will fully incorporate the latest available technology, providing an effective and modern structure of communications with both the activist base and the public.

· RPV will never become a captive of the consulting class, but instead employ conservative management principles - competitive bidding, lean structure, customer service orientation - to ensure the Party is being both responsive to its base and responsible with contributions from its donors.

If I am elected by you, my fellow delegates, on May 30, this simple agenda - along with the voices and principles of our activists - will guide and direct my term as Chairman.

If you share my vision of a Republican Party of Virginia that is inseparable and indistinguishable from the grassroots it must represent, join with me in this campaign. With your support, we can steer our party - and its conservative principles and traditional values - on a course to victory.

Bill Stanley's Signature

Bill Stanley
Franklin County Republican Chairman

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