Saturday, November 17, 2007

Abortion, When will the Holocaust end?

Last night was slavery movie night. We watched Amistad with Dr. Spinney as a U.S. History extra credit opportunity, and watched Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce, later. My regular readers know that I absolutely love Amazing Grace. Amistad was also inspirational (note:: Dr. Spinney advises skipping the middle passage section due to nudity). It is the story of some slaves who captured their slave ship, and still end up in America. When they arrive they are tried for manslaughter in a case that makes its way all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. This movie focuses on the legal fight for freedom the slaves go through.

So y'all are thinking, "He is telling us about slave movies and I thought this post was about abortion?" I know. Well I can't help reading or watching the horrors of slavery and the fight against it with out thinking about abortion. Abortion is our national crime against humanity that has been justified, excused, and permitted for years. We need someone to stand up and dedicate his life and political career to ending this atrocity. While I am willing to be the one, I pray God will end this tragedy sooner. Abortion can't be allowed to go on for another twenty years.

On this same note, this is the reason the presidential race is so important. A liberal member of the court will almost certainly retire by 2012. We need to nominate a president we know will nominate judges who will overturn Roe. We also need him to be the man who can help the GOP regain it's image nationally and help it regain the senate. Without the senate the president will have a difficult time getting his nominees confirmed.

As you think about your choice for president remember lowering taxes saves money, while ending abortion saves lives.

"Jesus, please protect the little unborn children, they deserve a chance to run and play."

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