Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gut Reactions to the President's State of the Union Address

1. Nancy Pelosi: I'm sorry if I offend any women who may read this blog, but I got real tired real fast of the number of times Tim Russert and Brian Williams brought up the fact that the house was being presided over by the first female speaker. During Condoleeza Rice's confirmation hearings for Secretary of State did everyone drool over the fact that she could be the first Female African American Secretary of State? No! They went after her tooth and claw. Just as an aside, when Democrats propose minority candidates for important positions they are given all teh attention in the world, Obama and Clinton. When Republicans do the same thing they are reviled, Blackwell, Swann, Steele, Rice, Powell, Estrada, Owens, Janice Rogers Brown...

2. Healthcare and Education: Even though I doubt much of what the president said concerning these subjects will be heeded, I loved watching the Democrats grimace when the president said the word "privatization"

3. Energy: The president's proposals on the subject were nice, but all demanded more government intervention, regulation on fuel types and standards, and increasing SPR. I was waiting for the president to say, "...and as we actively pursue the development of alternative fuels we need a steady supply of non-mideast oil. That's why I'm once more reccomending that you open up ANWR and the OCS to drilling."

4. Judges: The president once again called for the speedy confirmation of judges. It's definitely an important thing. The lack of judges is holding up the courts. The fourth circuit is missing one third of its members. However, its a little to late. Thanks to eh incompetence of Frist and antics of McCain and co. the constitutional option was never exercised. with Leahy in charge of the judiciary committee things will go at a murderously slow pace. Also... Can anyone explain why the issues of judges wasn't campaigned on in the midterms as it was in the president's reelection? Might it have done more to galvanize the base?

5. Protection of Marriage: You may see this and think, "Did the president even mention marriage in the speech? If you are that's my point. It seems to me like the FMA was a political ploy campaigned hard on in the president's reelection campaign to galvanize the base, but practically ignored in the last two years. Sorry... It was voted on in the summer by congress in an attempt to show conservatives that teh Republicans are conservative to. Why couldn't the president throw in two lines about the FMA?

6. Immigration: I'm sorry. I have totally had it with the president on immigration. Instead of cozying up to your non-base, can you just keep this country safe Mr. President?

7. Iraq: It's really simple. We need to win. Sadly the Democrats and the RINO's are invested in our defeat. If you don't believe me go back and watch the video of the speech. Every time teh president mentioned victory in Iraq, the Democrats sat on their hands. How can people who don't even want us to win help create a constructive proposal on the subject? Ironically even though the D's oppose victory in Iraq, they cheered wildly whenever teh president encouraged us to support the troops. Explain that one please.

8. Senator Webb's Response: I won't say to much. However... I didn't realize until last night how captivating an orator this state elected. Before I proceed I would like to thank Sen. Webb and his family for their service in America's military. Everyone who serves in that capacity deserves our gratitude for those actions, including Sen. Kerry. However... Being a foot soldier qualifies no one to be an arm chair general, to assume that they always no better than the presiden and his advisors and can run this war. I am sick of people like Sens. Webb, McCain, Kerry, and Grahm who say, "I was a foot soldier thirty years ago. I'm an expert on all things military." In much the same way that I as a grocery clerk am not an expert on how to run a grocery store, Sen. Webb is not an expert on how to run a war. As a Democrat who opposes victory this is also a war he doesn't want us to win.

These sure are tough times. Keep working hard for God and country.

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