Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The GOP Must Win on November 7th

What I am about to say may sound old, especially after going through the 2004 election.  This is the most important election of our lifetime. The real possibility exists for the Democrats to take control of the house in senate in just one week.  You may consider this to be just a scare tactic by the right, "Vote or the Democrats will be in power."  It's much worse.  It's your scariest nightmare.  
If the Democrats take control of the house and senate Nancy Pelosi will be two heart beats from the oval office.  She is more likely two impeachments away.  John Conyers (the potential chair of the house judiciary committe) has already introduced articles of impeachment.  If the Democrats take both houses, they would have the ability to impeach both the president and vice president.  

If the house and senate are lost:
-the tax cuts will be allowed to expire and you will be paying more in tax money
-funding will be cut off from the war
-the fairness doctrine will be reinstated (no opinion shows will be allowed)
-meaningful border security will not be passed
-the Federal Marriage Ammendment will not be passed
-Many analysts believe that either (or maybe both) Justice Ginsburg and Justice Stevens will retire in the next  two years.  We  must have a Republican senate if the president will beable to nominate more justices who will support life and private property

If you are reading this post please vote Republican.  If you don't, don't wine when my above predictions come true.  If you can't vote, like myself, campaign for some of the Republican candidates.  They need all the support they can get.  
Remember: the last time conservatives made a protest vote (Ross Perot) we had eight years of Clinton.  On November 7th, don't sit on your hands.  Act!

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